2 new pics

I'm getting ready for the Widcombe Art Trail in Bath, on 19th and 20th of May and have just finished the last 2 pictures; so just need to frame them and sort out a few prints and cards and I'll be ready!
This one is called 'Memory'

The poem is by W.B.Yeats, which I thought was a nice connection to my own name. When I was exhibiting in an art show last year a visitor asked me if I knew this poem, as it was one of her favourites. As I'm always looking for new inspiration I made a note of it in my sketchbook, to store away for future use. I think this painting looks like an old fashioned advert, or maybe a pub sign. The colours are a bit more subtle in real life.

This one is called 'Fals Ffox'

Fals Ffoxjpg
Again it hasn't reproduced that well, as it has a lot of gold in it and that's never great for prints. Someone gave me the idea for this one too (I seem to be stealing lots of inspiration from other people!); when I posted 'Tangle', another fox painting, I was asked if I knew the folk song about a fox who steals the geese. I researched this and found that the song had roots in poetry from the Middle Ages, so I've included one of them in this painting. It's difficult to read, but that appeals to me somehow. Here's the first verse:
"Pax uobis" quod the ffox,
"for I am comyn to toowne."
It fell ageyns the next nyght
the fox yede to with all his myghte,
with-outen cole or candelight,
whan that he cam vnto the toowne.