Dark Lane Anthologies

I don't only paint hares and other animals; as you can see in my website I also love to illustrate dark and unsettling stories - probably channeling my inner Goth!
For quite a few years now I've contributed illustrations to the Dark Lane Anthologies, compiled and edited by Tim Jeffreys. 
Here is a link to the Dark Lane website http://darklanebooks.blogspot.co.uk/
These books are a collection of eerie tales, dark fantasy and weird fiction, which are a constant source of inspiration for me.
I've selected my personal favourites from each volume, only out of my own work - there are some amazing illustrations from other artists, so check out the website if you're interested.

Volume one - <500 by Tim Jeffreys and Martin Greaves

500 smalljpg
Volume 2 - Hagbound by Rebecca Lloyd

hagbound smalljpg
Volume 3 - Three Tales, The Willow Switch by Louis Rakovich
willow switchjpg
Volume 4 - The Keepsake by Edward Ahern
Volume 5 - Onryo by David Rose
Voloume 6 - To Dream the Dreams of Women by Jeff Meyers

to dream the dreams of womenjpg
Look out for Volume 7, coming out later this year!