First new paintings of the year

I have lots of new ideas penciled out in my sketchbook and here are the first four:

Avebury Dreamingjpg
'Avebury Dreaming'
I've done a painting of Avebury before, but I really love it there and wanted to do something a bit more magical. Unfortunately the iridescent ink won't show on the prints, but here's a photo of the ivy:
avebury closeupjpg

This one is very different for me, but I had it in my head to do a snow scene with lots of space - really I prefer to fill my pics with detail - but it's good to try something new.

I see this painting as a crossover between my gothic black and white drawings and my animal pics. Again, the scan can't pick up the gleaming gold branches, so here's another close-up:

renewal closeupjpg

I've used the more recent words for the 'One for sorrow' rhyme, as the older versions are a bit bleak and I wanted to portray the magpie as a more positive creature.

These paintings will all be for sale later in the year and prints will be available - please follow my facebook page for updates and special offers throughout the year.