Hare drawing in biro

I'm going to show you how I create a drawing of a hare, using a regular biro.
Here's what you need to start:

I always use a Bic biro, but I'm sure others will do as well. Find a photo of whatever you want to draw, some good quality cartridge paper and you're ready to go.

I measure out a box, so that I can mount the drawing afterwards; if you're just doing this for fun you can skip this stage - but make sure that you start your drawing with enough space -  with hares it's easy to not leave enough room for the enormous ears!

I start off using the biro really lightly and sketch out the entire figure, saving any details for later. At this stage you just want to make sure that you get the proportions right.

Now I can start getting into the details. I always start with the eyes, but that's completely personal and there's no right or wrong to this; however, if you mess up the eyes there isn't much you can do to recover the drawing.

I tend to go in quite heavily at the start, but I've been drawing in biro for a long time so feel quite confident with it. You may want to begin more tentatively.

I'm not worried about making a carbon copy of the original drawing; there's little point in this. I'm using the photograph as a reference point, but hopefully my own version of the hare will develop its own personality!

Whiskers are incredibly important when drawing or painting a hare! I try not to be too careful with them as they are so dynamic and you can reproduce this with energetic mark making.

Once I've added the basic details to the who drawing I then darken areas and add more details to places that need it.

And finish it off with a signature!
To see more drawings from this sequence please visit my facebook page Vikki Yeates illustration, where I have created a slideshow.