March updates

I'm very behind on my work this year, as I have had some personal problems; and on a much happier subject my sausage dog Tilly had 3 puppies at the beginning of March! I intend on doing a lot more sketching, but here's one from when they were a couple of days old.

I've actually managed to complete a lot of black and white work in the last couple of weeks, which is lucky as I'm unlikely to be able to do much once the pups are running around like crazy beasts! Here are some photos of the boys, taken by my son-in-law Nick Feierabend . . . 

Big Bear is the oldest and biggest.


Baby - he's the runt - his eyes had only just opened!

I'll post some of my black and white stuff next time, once I get round to scanning them. This blog is really just to let you know that I'm still working, but everything is a bit slow right now!