New Paintings

I've been very busy creating some new work for the Combe Down Art Trail (Sept 7th/8th).


The colours don't really come out well in this scan - they are a beautiful mix of turquoise and prussian blue - with a light sprinkle of silver ink.


Again with this one, the colours are better in reality - they seem to jump off of the page! I really lost myself in the details of the abstract plants in the background.

Instinct and Intuition

Instinct and Intuitionjpg
I'm particularly happy with both animals in this pic - it was a very abstract idea in my head which just happened to work out well. You can't see the gold splashes in this scan, which go so well with the burgundy ferns.

Hidden Shadows

Hidden Shadowsjpg
I spent far longer than usual on this pic, as it was a bit experimental; I didn't want the shadows to be too obvious (something I'm used to doing in my gothic illustrations) and I got a bit obsessed with the details. The words are from 'The Hare at Dark Hollow' by Joyce Stranger - beautiful poetic prose. The shadows are a fox, an owl and a stoat.

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