New paintings

into the gloamingjpg
I've been very busy so far in 2024, working away on these new ideas; and I'm only just over half way through my planned paintings; fingers crossed I can get through them all! This one was an experiment and is a small piece - I posted it on Facebook and it went down very well, so on a friend's suggestion I've called it 'Into the gloaming'.
7 is the magicjpg
Another experimental piece, '7 is the magic', to be included in my new book (which I'll hopefully be able to self publish later this year) to illustrate my 'Murmuration' poem. Apparently starlings watch 7 neighbours in order to turn at the same time - well, it is a very magical number.
Another small experimental piece - 'Athene'
fox trotjpg
And the last of my small, splashy paintings -- 'Fox trot'.
golden teaseljpg
'Golden Teasel', to illustrate my 'Treasure' poem; it's a shame you can't appreciate the lovely gold ink in this one - my first attempt at a goldfinch.
'Pointillism', another illustration for my 'Murmuration' poem; I really threw the ink at this one and wasn't sure if it would work out - but all of a sudden it seemed to make sense! It's going into an exhibition called 'Freedom' in June, so that should be exciting.
I have 3 more to scan and several more ideas to work through before I finish painting for the year and concentrate on selling. As usual please follow me on Facebook for regular updates - and thank you for reading my blog!