I love painting with gold as I'm captivated by the different degrees of shimmer and depth of colour; but once finished, making reproductions (prints and cards) is very tricky and the results are less than satisfactory - but I suppose they will take on a life of their own and the painting will be extra special as it is unique.
The ink I used for this is Schmincke water based lino ink, gold. I may experiment with this media a bit more, as usually I use a calligraphic ink which is permanent and you can't manipulate it once it's on the paper, whereas this one should stay wet for a while.
treasure snapjpg
This is a snap of 'Treasure' that I took on my phone and it goes some way to show the shine, probably better than when I scan it.
I'm very pleased with it and I got a very enthusiastic response when I posted it on Facebook; it is sold but I will be exhibiting it until August.
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