Waxing Crescent Moon

Waxing Crescent Moonjpg

Waxing Crescent Moon


Hare, on a cool, clear night,

Raises her eyes Moonwards

To catch a glimpse of her heavenly partner.

Can she see shadows of mythology in the delicate markings on the near side?

But not tonight, as the Moon is waxing with the Maiden,

Sending out magnetic force to enhance a spell’s potency.


Alone in a field busy with new growth,

Hare breathes in the pure air,

Envisioning the future life within her,    

Her strong connection to nature.

Fluid intuition pulses through her,

Learnt over centuries

And passed down as a symbolic inheritance of wisdom.


The silver rays reflect over and through her,

Transforming her Earthbound figure into a ghost spirit;

Lightness carrying her up into the darkness

Where she can run free and deflect her many predators.

Through the stars she bounds, leaping with the joy of her own life force;

Passing planets, moons and galaxies,

Breathing in the regenerative power of her own true moon.

In an infinite cycle she casts her runes,

Empowered by her new beginning.


Joyously returning to her crescent home

She lowers her amber eyes to the Earthbound shadow,

A crouching statue below in the meadow grass.

She could forsake –

Run in unrestrained pastures

To be free forever in the spirit realm –

But no;

She senses the new potential deep in her belly,

Feels compelled to return to her former self;

Which will bring its own new experiences and mystical cycles.


The Moon squints down and bathes her in a protective glow:

Fare well, until we meet again


Vikki Yeates 2021