Wytches' Market and other news

I'm looking forward to the Virtual Wytches' Market this Saturday 26th from 11am until 6pm - please visit my Facebook page for special deals and new items! (link below)

Also this month I have been working on a new book, called 'Dreams of Hare', which includes 2 of my poems - 'Hare's Dream' and 'Summer Moon', the middle English version of 'Names of the Hare', and the 'Rainbow Sequence of hares' paintings. A hardcover book with over 70 full colour prints of my more recent paintings - so even though it will cost about £25 (haven't worked this out properly yet) it will be worth it - and I don't make much money on the books, as this one will probably cost me £20;  it's a labour of love to be honest.
And talking of books, I have brought out a new hardcover version of 'Mad March Hares' - I just need to approve the proof copy. I have 4 copies of the softcover version left and I won't be selling any more; it was always my intention to make this a hardcover book, but it was just too expensive at the time. Again, it will be more expensive than the softcover version, but hopefully only by around £5.
mad march hares bookjpg
I'll let you know when both books are available to buy - and please keep an eye on my Facebook page for more regular updates!